Sandeep AcharyaSonu Nigam – Play back singer Bollywood: Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep has the best voice for the microphone that we have heard so far in the competitions and his voice quality is superb that make up the minor mistakes he does while singing live. His ever smiling appearance, pleasant look and vibrancy in performances make him a complete and loveable package. He has a long way to go and this is just the beginning.

Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep AcharyaFarah Khan – Choreographer Bollywood:
Sandeep underwent amazing transformations: from a shy looking introvert singer to a sizzling rock star on the stage. His ability to get the floor on foot is his greatest strength and he has a superb voice quality that makes him a great competent singer. Above everything, Sandeep wears a very likeable personality and is a great human being.

Sandeep AcharyaAnu Malik – Music Director Bollywood: Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep has a naturally soft voice that is just perfect for playback singing. His soothing voice touches the souls like fresh breeze in the cold night of desert. He’ll surprise you every time. As a human being, he is an example for those who wish to touch the sky while keeping their feet on the ground.

Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep AcharyaArbaaz Khan – Bollywood Actor:
Even established singers have concentration and efforts while singing that is visible onto their faces but Sandeep sings difficult songs with such an ease without even letting the strain come onto his face and that is an added advantage for him on stage. He is genuinely a great singer and performer on the reality talent hunt shows.

Sandeep AcharyaVivek Oberoi – Bollywood Actor: Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep sings so well and his voice quality is undoubtedly superb. He brought back some old good memories when he sang the song from my own film. He enjoys while singing which is really appreciable. Very well done and all the best.

Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep AcharyaFardeen Khan – Bollywood Actor:
Sandeep has a natural and effortless style of singing and tremendous confidence; and Sonu rated him in his song more than himself which is absolutely a rare compliment.

Sandeep AcharyaDino Morea- Bollywood Actor: Sandeep Acharya
I always wonder to see someone singing and at the same time, keeping natural smiling – and Sandeep has that amazing ability. He makes it look so easy even though he is trying hard notes, absolutely fantastic!

Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep AcharyaKareena Kapoor – Bollywood Actress:
Sandeep’s Performances are lovely and his voice is so beautiful! I would love to listen to him again and again! His performances are energy-packed all the time.

Sandeep AcharyaPriyanka Chopra – Bollywood Actress: Sandeep Acharya
Indian Idol is about being performer and Sandeep deserve to be the Indian Idol! He just need to add feel of the song every time he gets on the stage.

Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep AcharyaPriety Zinta – Bollywood Actress:
Even if he is not classically trained but hats off to Sandeep’s brave attempt weeks after weeks! All the very best for your bright future.

Sandeep AcharyaKaran Johar – Film Producer & Director: Sandeep Acharya
If I close my eyes and listen to Sandeep, I would feel as if Udit Narayan is singing and to be compared with such a versatile and jubilant singer of Hindi Cine Industry itself is the best ever compliment for any young singer.

Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep AcharyaDiya Mirza – Bollywood Actress:
Sandeep was a surprise package for me on the sets of Indian Idol and I called him a beautiful dark horse! He proved it twice on that day that he wasn’t lesser than the rest by singing different genre songs beautifully and won accolades on the stage of Indian Idol.

Sandeep AcharyaVishal & Shekhar – Music Director Bollywood: Sandeep Acharya
Audience were rocking with him at Indian Idol sets and for a new singer at this phase, this is the best encouragement for the career ahead. He sings effortless, capturing full energy of the song while enjoying his performance– a great singer to look for.

Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep AcharyaSunil Shetty – Bollywood Actor:
He has a deadly combination of excellent singing and superb performance on the stage and his singing is flawless and superb – he’s doing an excellent job.

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